Our mission is to connect people, creating
communities, new friendships or even love.

about us

The whole idea behind the internet is to connect people, to communicate on a long distance. Therefor it comes with great opportunities, something we want to take up on. Travelling is something we love to do, to meet new people and to explore new cultures. However, we can't afford to travel the world all the time like most people won't be able to. What we can do is connect people using the internet. Creating platforms that support collaboration, social interaction and platforms that makes it easy to meet new people all around the globe.

Who we are? Read on below!

the pioneers

So, you want to know who we are? Well, we're real nerds, tech guys, creative minds. But stop there, please.
I know what you're thinking of. The stereotype programmer, huh? Well, erase that though and scroll down below. Actually we're pretty handsome!

Joran den Houting

Joran den Houting

Single father of two daughters (2 & 4 years old), long history of internet success stories including communities. Loves to travel, red wine addict and a regular customer at a handful of restaurant nearby his house.

Job van den Heuvel

Job van den Heuvel

A true music lover, mixing his own music and performing at different clubs nearby in the weekends. A born back-end programmer with a passion for the Laravel framework. Oh, and he owns 5 cats (I kid you not!).


We love to collaborate when we work on a project. And so we're keeping a list of truly awesome people that collaborated or even participated on one or multiple of our projects. We'll publish the first profiles very soon, so stay tuned.

Greg Church

Greg Church

Investor and co-owner of - a free image hosting platform we launched together. We love photography and connecting people, combining those resulted in this image sharing platform.

Maike den Houting

Maike den Houting

A true pioneer in the education business. Author, teacher and Joran's mom (haha!). Together with Maike we're going to release the platform, an online community for teachers.

Joran den Houting


Will be updated shortly.

our products

Only two projects made it live as of yet, but there's many more on the way! Check back soon or get in touch to stay up to date with our latest projects.

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We love to connect people, so we would love to connect with you!

Whatever the reason is, to give us some feedback, to share your idea's, to just say "hi" or to invite us for pizza night. Just don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

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